Useful Tips

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Useful Tips

1. A key factor in choosing the right solar water heater is the number of the family members living in the house. International practice recommends 50 liters per person.

2. For maximum energy utilization, the ideal place to install a solar heater is towards South and at an inclination of 45° degrees from the installation surface.

3. Did you know that a solar heater with a sizable surface collector will function really well during winter, yet, due to the excess energy absorption, it will most probably create overheating problems during summer?  In the summer months a solar heater develops really high temperatures which results in developing excess amounts of water salts inside the cylinder!

4. We can protect our solar heater during summer when we are away for holidays, by covering the solar panels!  You may contact us for more information or orders on such coverings.

5. Solar systems are designed to operate with very good performance all year round, provided the fact that there will be sunshine for 3-4 hours between 10.00am and 15.00pm every day.

6. When a solar heater releases hot water, cold water gets in, thus the temperature constantly decreases.  This is why the temperature reduces faster during winter months.

7. Malfunctions – Possible Causes & Solutions

a) In case the solar water heater does not produce enough hot water, please check the following:

  • If there is excessive and continuous hot water consumption.
  • If there are any leaks in the circuit of the house.
  • If the collectors are covered by dirt, leaves, excessive dust or are placed in a shaded area.

b) In case the element does not work, shut down the switch and contact our authorized technical department.

8. Technical Guide to Solar System

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