The advanced materials used and the attention to detail ensure ultimate efficiency and long-lasting lifespan of your solar heater. All products are manufactured in accordance with European standards, while the accurate tests and systematic inspections provide high reliability and security, both to the user and the environment.

Our full production line, consisting of open circuit solar heaters with a capacity ranging from 160ltr to 400ltr, is especially designed to meet every need.

Technical Specifications – Open Circuit Copper Cylinder:

  • Outer Casing: made of INOX or pre-painted white or grey metal sheets depending on the customers needs.
  • Cylinder/Boiler: made of copper. Content: 99.90%. Cup-shaped copper (x2),according to standard EN1652, thus doubling its lifespan.
  • Second copper shell: made of copper. Content: 99.90%
  • Cold water entry/exit: copper tubes Ǿ 26mm with thread
  • Cold water exit to collector and hot water entry from collector: copper tubes Ǿ 26mm with thread
  • Pressure test: pressure tests are carried out on every cylinder manufactured up to 10 Bars.
  • Heating element: 3kw with a second safety thermostat (over low), ensuring hot water even when the weather is cloudy.
  • Heat exchanger (coil): Ǿ 18mm, enabling to connect it to the central heating (made to order)
  • Strong insulation: ecological polyurethane of high density 50mm with a thickness of 50kg/m3. Keeps hot water for a long period of time, even during the coldest days of winter.
  • Side covers: Posted without screw connections. Fully sealed.


Cylinder type 160L 200L 250L 300L 350L 400L
Code  BIP150  BIP200  BIP250  BIP300  BIP350  BIP400
Cylinder capacity (ltr)  156L  198L  250L  297.5L  342.5L  388L
Cylinder length  103cm  128cm  157cm  183cm  208cm  233cm
Inner cylinder diameter  Ǿ48  Ǿ48  Ǿ48  Ǿ48  Ǿ48  Ǿ48
Outer casing diameter  Ǿ58  Ǿ58  Ǿ58  Ǿ58  Ǿ58  Ǿ58
Diameter of water tube with thread  Ǿ26  Ǿ26  Ǿ26  Ǿ26  Ǿ26  Ǿ26
Diameter of open circuit water tube with thread  21mm  21mm  21mm  21mm  21mm  21mm
Nominal pressure (bar):  6  6  6  6  6 6
Working pressure (bar):  3 3 3 3 3 3
Heat exchanger (coil):  Ǿ18 Ǿ18 Ǿ18 Ǿ18 Ǿ18 Ǿ18
Exchange entry/exit  21mm 21mm 21mm 21mm 21mm 21mm
Total weight (kg)  40,5 48 67,5 77 87 97