Strips Collector


Our company designs solar collectors that ensure maximum thermal output, durability, ease of installation and maximum lifespan. In order to achieve all the aforementioned, our solar collectors are made of top quality materials, in accordance with the European and National legislations, as well as with the international standards ISO 9001 and SOLAR KEYMARK.

Collector Technical Specifications:

MODEL: CAS-F15 (EN12975)

  • Frame: the frame is made of anodized aluminium. It is posted without screw connections. Fully sealed.
  • Back of collector: made of aluminium sheet, posted without screw connections and sealed with EPDM rubber (ethylene-propylene-diene elastomer) and silicone, to ensure full sealing.
  • Glass cover of collector: security glass, with low iron oxides content and high permeability. Thickness: 3,2 & 4 mm. Permeability: 91.6% ± 0.2%.
  • Back insulation: polystyrene (thickness: 10 mm) and glass wool (thickness: 30 mm, density:24kg/sqm)
  • Lateral insulation: glass wool (thickness 30 mm, density: 24 kg/sqm)
  • Absorber: thickness: 0,4mm. Manufactured with blue selective Mirotherm aluminium plate, with high selective absorption of 0,94%. Welded with laser technology. As a light, non-corrosive material with high thermal conductivity, aluminium is what enables the unique performance of the absorber.
  • Absorber tube: 8 to 10 vertical copper tubes ØF15, welded with ØF-22m horizontal copper tubes.
  • Sealing: black silicone double-sided adhesive tape IG-1K and EPDM rubber (ethylene-propylene-diene elastomer).


Dimensions Weight Capacity Pressure (Bar) Absorber (%)
cm m2 Kg L Tested Operation a e
CAS1-F15 1490 x 990 1.47 21 1.18 15 10 0.94±0.02 0.05±0.02
CAS2-F15 1490 x 1225 1.82 27 1.34 15 10 0.94±0.02 0.05±0.02
CAS3-F15 1990 x 990 1.97 30 1.34 15 10 0.94±0.02 0.05±0.02
CAS4-F15 1990 x 1225 2.43 37 1.69 15 10 0.94±0.02 0.05±0.02

The solar absorber is the most important component of a solar collector

Mirotherm absorber, manufactured by ALANOD.
Mirotherm strips with blue selective coating
0.4 mm
Solar absorption:
Thermal emission: